I WILL Overcome


Dear Stifled Self,

Accidents happen. People lie. Crimes occur. Storms arise. People cheat. People change. Nothing ever stays the same…

Plots twist and thicken.

But I will win- not lose- ’cause I REFUSE to live MY life as a victim.

I have options. And I know enough to ask for help when I can’t identify those options for myself. My situation is not helpless and I am not hopeless. I can say with boldness “I am more than a conqueror through Christ who loves me…”

I REFUSE to exist in the suffocating abyss of a victim’s mentality.

I choose to live in victory. I choose to THRIVE- not just survive. I will not settle for being alive with lack. I will keep it moving and not turn back. I will not be distracted by subtraction or division. I will stop blaming others for MY decisions.

I REFUSE to live imprisoned to my mistakes.

I will stop making excuses for my abusers and abuses. I will step away from stagnation and with elation, to my own destiny show up…

I REFUSE to grow old without ever growing up.

I will set boundaries for myself. I will stand up and speak up for my life and health. My happiness is left to me and no one else…

I REFUSE to self-destruct as a result of anybody’s dysfunction.

I will stop trying to make sense out of non-sense and ungodly injunctions. I will stop poisoning my productivity with toxic relationships and empty promises…

I REFUSE to cast my life into anybody’s providences.

I will not be a victim of the threatening, fast, and furious system. I will forgive my past and rewrite my future…

‘Cause I REFUSE to be sutured into thinking I made it this far to only make it this far.

And I REFUSE to be scarred by the what-ifs of worst-case scenarios.

I will stand on God’s Word and the aerial view of His omniscience. I will submit my fears, my trauma, my tears, my drama, my bitterness, my brokenness, my resentment, my discontentment, my insecurities, my immaturities, my pride, my power, and allllll my incompetence to my All-Seeing, All-knowing, Ever-faithful, Ever-graceful, Incorruptible, Indestructible Almighty God. He rests me. He gets me. He got me. And He got this…

I REFUSE to live my life in anxiousness.

I am not a victim.

I have much better options.

I WILL overcome.


X___________________________________        __________