Take Another Look

Let me preface this by saying I see valuable lessons in just about everything- no matter how big or small (in case you haven’t noticed that by now). OK. Carry on. 😉

So, have you ever lost something irreplaceable?

Woman ScreamingI lost my camera connector and memory card today. Somewhere between leaving my mom’s house and arriving home, I lost these two valuables (which would be of little to no value to someone else, I’m sure). It wasn’t until I sat down to review some of the day’s shots that I realized my gems were MIA. My brand new, high-speed camera card was gone. The camera connector my husband bought me? Gone. Over 800 irreplaceable photos… gone. Who knew if I dropped them in a safe place or if they were buried in the freshly fallen snow??? What if the memory card somehow disconnected from the connector and got rolled on by a gang of four-wheeled thugs? Oh the horror!

I take pictures like people take breaths- constantly. Each photo is a piece of me- an expression and extension of myself.  Maaaan,  I didn’t even want to think about allllll the pics on that card that hadn’t been uploaded yet. Ugh! The only thing that kept me calm was my prior experience with losing stuff; I usually got it back. Through the years, I’ve lost my wallet, pocketbook, and even my wedding band… and I got ’em all back. These instances gave me hope. I searched my handbag, coat, and pockets. No luck. Called my mom but couldn’t reach her. Could have asked one of my aunts to look for it, but I knew she wouldn’t find it. Just as I was getting ready to put on some boots  and search the snow-covered streets, my mom called me back.

Much to my chagrin, Mama didn’t find what I was looking for. I asked if she checked the chair I was sitting in and she said “yes.” We hung up the phone and a few minutes later, she called me back. She found my prized possession! She had gone back to the chair, checked under the pillow and voila! The SD card fell to the ground- still protected inside the camera connector. Praise the Lord!!

Magifying Glass- Focus

If you’ve lost something that’s important, invaluable, and irreplaceable, you need to take another look. Maybe it’s not a physical possession. Maybe it’s your self-esteem, your passion, or your motivation. Maybe you’ve lost your family to foolishness, your spouse to selfishness, or your courage to cowardice. Before you give up, give in, and lose your mind in the process, focus your attention and take another look.

What you’re searching for may have simply been misplaced- not lost. Don’t give up on the God-given expressions and extensions of yourself just because they’re presently out of view. If you’re a Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, then you are a living testimony; you were once lost but praise the Lord! Now you’re found faithful in Him.

Don’t stop praying and don’t stop searching until you get your family/self-esteem/mojo/life back! And be sure to reach out to some trusted individuals who will help you along the way. Based on prior experience, I knew my mom was the right person to help me find what I was looking for. Even though she didn’t have a clue what on earth an SD card and camera connector were, I knew she wouldn’t give up searching. Why? Because she knew these items were important to me.

What have you lost or misplaced that needs to be rediscovered or reunited? Don’t sit back and wait for it to magically reappear. Start praying, get the search team ready, and take another look! And this time, be more responsible with it when you get it back (I know I will!). 🙂

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