Sailing the Seas of 2014


The passage is uncertain. The passengers may change. Despite your good intentions, the course won’t stay the same. Such is the voyage through our sea of life. As you sail upon the unknown waters of 2014, great each dawn with gratitude and meet the dusk with grace. Allow the Son to shine through your heart and light someone’s darkness along the way. No man is an island; we need each other to survive. This year, be present. Be open. Be merciful. Be humble. Be kind.

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:

  • Travel lightly while journeying from shore to shore. Take the lessons of yesteryear and leave the worries to wash away like footprints in the sand. Unpack those bags of bitterness, pride, unforgiveness, and defeat. Use the cargo space of your heart to harbor blessings- not emotional baggage. It’s impossible to move forward when you’re anchored to your past. This time,  commit to being transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • Understand the fjords of all flesh. It’s weak. Manipulative. Impulsive. Impatient. Immature. Remember, your voyage is spiritual- not physical. Your flesh will always steer you in the wrong direction.   And it’ll attempt to jump ship long before your faith falls overboard. You know you’ve come too far to turn back to your comfort zones of compromise and discontent. Besides, aren’t you tired of starting over- over and over again? Commit to the journey this time. Allow the Holy Spirit to strengthen you during waves of weakness. Your flesh is not your friend. Be vigilant.
  • And know that storms will come… and storms will go. They’re inevitable… just like their expiration dates. You’ve been through them before and you’ll overcome them again. The winds may howl and the waves may come crashing down, but the Captain of the sea will never let you drown in a hurricane of despair. It’s only when you focus on the current instead of the Captain that you begin sinking. Be encouraged. He knows, He cares, and even when you can’t see His hand, He’s always in control.

So as you sail upon these unknown seas of 2014, may your fears succomb to faith, your excitement outweigh your excuses, and may you live each day in purpose, with purpose, on purpose. This time… this year… take this opportunity to depart from mediocrity and sail into your destiny.  Don’t settle for being a stow-away on someone else’s ship. You were born for greatness. Bon voyage!

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