He’s Working It Out

Heard a classic Shirley Caesar song on the radio this afternoon: “He’s Working It Out.” I was in the midst of helping a family member deal with what looked like an unfair, irreversible problem that could easily progress to catastrophe. These lyrics really grabbed my attention…

“Though the pressures of life seem to weigh you down,
and you don’t know which way to turn;
God is concerned and He’s working it out for you.”

My family member (let’s call her Connie) approached me the other day with a financial dilemma that she just couldn’t figure out. Apparently, this was something she was confronted with months ago but failed to properly address in a timely fashion. The issue escalated to the point where she could no longer ignore it. She tried fixing it on her own but proceeded to make mistakes that just didn’t seem to add up. Thankfully, I have over a decade of helping folks manage their finances, so I knew just what to do to help her get things back on the right track. She came to the right person!

Seeing all she had against her, I told her it would take some time, but it was fixable. Through years of assisting others, I had enough faith and experience to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To me, the solution was simple. “Connie, just follow my lead and you’ll be OK.” You’d think my word would be good enough. Nope. Not so. I can’t tell you how much convincing it took for her to trust that I knew what I was talking about. And she came to me for help in the first place! *Woosah!*

No matter what I said, Connie was still determined to try to fix it her way. She was under the impression that I needed her input to help me figure it out. “No, Connie… all I need you to do is listen and be open to the process it takes to correct this situation. Yes, you’ll need to do some work. And yes, it may take some time. But it’s fixable. Just follow the plan I laid out for you and everything will be OK. Trust me as the expert and trust that I have your best interest at heart. You’re family, remember?”

How often do we do this same thing to God? We go to Him for help only to lend our assistance in helping Him work it out! It’s like going in for open heart surgery and trying to assist the doctor with the operation. You’ll be in a lot of pain, prolong the process, and waste your dollars. None of that makes sense!

When you’re carrying a burden that’s just too heavy for you to bear, don’t waste your time trying to help God carry it for you. He’s an Expert Way Maker, a Divine Healer, and a Professional Problem Solver. If He can make a way to save the world from its sin, surely He can create a solution for every situation you present Him with! He needs your faith, not your assistance. No matter how impossible things seem, trust that He has plenty of experience being God. Get out of His way and allow Him to lead you through the pain and to the peace. He’s your God and you’re His child. You’re family! He’ll never leave you nor forsake you. Take Him at His Word.

“God cares,
I’m so glad to know He cares,
I’m so glad to know He cares,
and He’s working it out for you.”

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